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Indonesian Activities

East Seruway

By November of 2015 we hold a 15% interest in the East Seruway PSC which is situated in the North Sumatran Basin of Indonesia. This massive reserve covers some 4,406 sq. km in total with the primary reservoirs being made up of (Early Miocene) carbonates. These are contained a structure with a basement of fractured dolomitic rock and capped with Carbonate reefal featuring both faulted anticlines as well as tilted fault blocks. This is then further covered with layers comprising (Early Miocene) intra-formational sedimentary shale.


Indonesia also plays host to our company as one of the operators working the Kutai PSC, which is located in East Kalimantan’s Mahakam River Delta. This site encompasses some 1,533 sq. km of territory both onshore and offshore, with water depths reaching as deep as 200m. The Kutai PSC features five licenses, four held offshore and one land based site. Geologically the site is made up of carbonaceous shale and Miocene coal within a reservoir structure formed by Pliocene deltaic sandstone. This large structure is effectively capped by a mixture including stratigraphic channels, tilted fault blocks and faulted anticlines all of which is covered by Pliocene intra-formational shale.

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