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We continue to grow as we seek out new areas of interest to ourselves and our partners

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As Bront Oil Co. Ltd. continues to grow as a company we find ourselves arrayed across South East Asia seeking out new commercially viable fields to fuel the regions hunger for energy. To this end we are engaged in a number of operations both as a sole operator in addition to a number of long term and mutually rewarding partnerships with larger entities in our industry.

Currently our operations are located in the Kutai PSC as well as the East Seruway PSC of the North Sumatran Basin in Indonesia; Malaysia’s renowned Bertam Field and lastly in what has become the most exciting new prospects of the last 50 years, Myanmar. All told our licenses cover a staggering 27,329sq km of territory both onshore and offshore, with this figure expected to continue to grow as we seek out new areas of interest to ourselves and our partners.

Each and every license has its own unique requirements and obligations though in essence they all follow a progression of four principle phases which are detailed in the following:

Stages Involved

This is the critical first step, the successful completion of which all other stages are dependent upon. During this phase we work up our strategies for surveying a selected area based on already accumulated geological data, either obtained by ourselves or from reputable sources both inside and outside of the industry. With this data in place we select the priority of the survey efforts based on the highest probability of success, which is then further refined as new onsite data is obtained. Depending upon licensing restrictions we employ a diverse range of equipment and procedures to conduct the most efficient survey effort.

With the successful identification of a prospective field that meets our company criteria, we then move to obtain the relevant licenses to cover further activity in the form of exploratory drilling and follow on testing. This is done to prove a sites economic viability both currently and within predicted future economic conditions. With this completed we will then make a decision in regards to the sites role, whether it be further developed as a sole operator, developed within a partnership, sold as prospective site or held for future review.

During this stage we aim to quantify the optimum parameters under which the site can be considered commercially viable. To aid in this we recruit outside assistance in the form of an independent consulting firm whose goal is to determine the fields stated reserves. This data is then used in the formulation of the field’s development strategy report. Once this has been certified, we proceed with the drilling of development stage wells and deploying all necessary infrastructure required for the sites future operations.

Even with the field’s production phase successfully commenced it doesn’t mean the end of our company’s involvement at the site. Bront Oil Co. Ltd. is often times engaged to supply critical assistance to maximize the continuing efficiency of recovery operations as well as keeping the site in full compliance with mandated requirements.

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