Welcome to Bront Oil Co. Ltd.

From our founding in Shinjuku in 2011, Bront Oil Co. Ltd. has grown to become one of the most highly respected participants in the demanding field of upstream E&P.



As a respected E&P oil and gas company whose position sees it conduct business in a number of countries featuring distinct and diverse cultures and sensitivities.



We will maximize our shareholder potential to the extent that it is legally, ethically and morally sound to do so.



We will at all times observe and maintain a high standard of commitment in regards to our duty of care obligations.

Our focus is firmly fixed on the vital stages of site exploration, commercial development of promising fields and ultimately production of both oil and gas. We are never ending in our search for these vital commodities throughout the dynamic and energy hungry region of South East Asia. This drive for progress has enabled continual growth as a company far beyond our home ground in Hokkaido and its rich oil & gas fields of Yufutsu. Our current operations have now spread to both onshore and offshore sites in a number of countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and finally Myanmar.

Our well respected reputation in our field is not one of coincidence. Rather it is the culmination of years of dedicated skill, professional knowledge and grueling hard work undertaken by every member of the Bront Oil Co. Ltd. workforce. These dynamic individuals have proven themselves in all aspects of the industry and provide us with the most valuable of resources with which to succeed with. As can be expected of such a team, we are always looking for the next opportunity in which to further prove our value to our shareholders, clients, partners and industry peers.

Management Team

Our company’s management team members have roughly two decades of industry experience each, having learned the ropes across the scope of oil & gas industry worldwide.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Andrew Whiting

B.Eng Chem/MBA

Mr. Whiting has amassed over two decades of experience in the oil & gas industry having worked at both onsite operations and corporate offices throughout the world.

In his capacity as our Chief Explorations Manager Mr. Hayashi has direct oversight and control of our company’s ongoing efforts.

Chief Explorations Manager

Mr. Isami Hayashi


New Business Development Officer

Mr. Genjiro Kogome


Instrumental to the rapid development of Bront Oil Co. Ltd.'s rapid growth in the region, Mr. Kogome brings to our company in excess of twenty years of high level negotiation and trade.

Mr. Slater brings to our side in spades with nearly three decades of experience gained supervising these efforts in the most far flung regions on behalf of companies.

Senior Field Supervisor

Mr. Damian Slater


Drilling Manager

Mr. Aleksander Kovolenko


Mr. Kovolenko has been working derricks across the globe for energy companies including Lundin and Total for over 24 years before joining our company in 2013.

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Even with the field’s production phase successfully commenced it doesn’t mean the end of our company’s involvement at the site. Bront Oil Co. Ltd. is often times engaged to supply critical assistance to maximize the continuing efficiency of recovery operations as well as keeping the site in full compliance with mandated requirements.





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